Studying in 2021-22

At Worcester you can expect face-to-face teaching to be the norm from September. 

Our plans for September

Our approach to teaching and learning in the 2021-22 academic year means that from September you can expect:

  • Face-to-face teaching will be the norm and you should plan to attend campus for teaching activities such as lectures, seminars, tutorials, group discussions and other activities, as they will form an essential and significant part of your student experience and success. 
  • A small number of large lectures and equivalent events will be online using the latest digital learning technology, as part of our popular blended approach to learning and teaching. Support is available through our Access to Technology programme. 
  • Campus facilities such as the library, sports facilities, the Students’ Union, cafés and other social spaces will be open with all the appropriate measures in place to help keep you safe.
  • Sports, clubs and societies and other activities will be operating, giving you every opportunity to engage with student life at Worcester.

Of course, the situation may change over the coming months, but the success of the national vaccination programme gives great hope that it will be life as normal on campus next year. We promise to keep you well-informed through the use of our regularly updated Coronavirus FAQs.

A different approach to the pandemic

Our plans for September follow on from our successful approach to in-person learning and events over the past year.

During this time there have been several headlines about the way that many universities have handled the pandemic, and how they have treated their students.  At Worcester, our approach has been very different, with three out of every five classes in-person between September and Christmas 2020. At the same time, through careful planning, we have remained a Coronavirus coldspot. 

Our students were among the most satisfied with their experience in the first term of 2020/21, the results of a national survey showed. With almost 20% more University of Worcester students satisfied with their student experience than the national average. 

Hear from our students

Our students talk about how they've found it studying and socialising in 2020/21.

How we've changed

We’ve adapted our facilities and events to make sure there are opportunities for socialising and meeting new people.  Below you’ll see photos of the new outdoor spaces and some of our on campus activities, including Graduation and Varsity 2021. Go #TeamWorc!

Hear from our graduates

We were the first university in the country to host in-person graduation ceremonies since the start of the pandemic.

Our Class of 2020 talk about the recent graduation and their experiences at Worcester.


Read about the latest guidance on our Coronavirus pages.