Reach Study Scheme


Reach is a programme for students at Worcester in the 2021/22 academic year.
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The University has partnered with John Smith’s Bookshops and invested in an innovative scheme, which will help you make the very best of your time here by improving access to the learning tools you need to support your studies.

Your Reach account can be loaded with credit to spend in the online shop on a whole range of useful items.

These include books, stationery, art supplies, digital equipment, other course-specific equipment, special offers and promotions.

Many of the mandatory textbooks you'll need for your course are available to purchase as e-books through Reach.

This means that you can buy your very own electronic copy, which you can keep forever and read on devices such as tablets and laptops.

You can find the reading lists for your course by logging on to Blackboard, the virtual learning environment for students. You’ll find links to all of your classes, which then include detailed information, such as reading lists.       

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