The Language Centre can give you practical advice on how to improve your English or your skills in other languages. 

In addition to our language modules, we offer a range of other support options for both international and UK students at different levels of study. Options include:


Academic writing support

Well-written assignments are likely to get good grades. If you want advice on how to improve your use of academic English in your essay or presentation, you can reserve time with a Language Centre tutor to look at your draft assignment or answer questions.

Booking support time

To reserve support time, select a free slot on our booking system. The first time you book, you’ll need to fill in some personal details, including your student number. After that, you can simply click on an available slot. You can book up to two sessions per week - at busy times, additional bookings may be cancelled.

Once you have booked a slot you will receive an email confirming your booking, followed by an email from the Language Centre tutor explaining

  • where to send your draft/questions
  • how feedback will be provided


The tutor may give you feedback on your writing via email, or they may suggest an online meeting if they feel this will be the best way to address your needs. Language Centre tutors can help you restructure your sentences and paragraphs to make them more effective and advise you on your use of academic vocabulary, grammar, style, referencing and more. They can't proofread your work, though.

Masters support classes

The Language Centre offers two-hour academic English classes for international students who are taking a Masters degree at the University of Worcester. The classes run during semester time, in Jenny Lind. If you are interested, please email, stating your name and contact details. We will then let you know when and where the classes will take place.

Areas that will be covered include:

  • Reading and note-taking
  • Grammar, punctuation and phrasing
  • Using academic style and conventions in English
  • Drafting, editing and re-drafting your writing
  • Proof-reading and self-evaluation

Melissa talks about her experiences with the language centre


Language learning advice

If you would like advice on how to improve your language skills in English or another language, you can contact our Language Adviser. You can get advice on finding suitable courses, online and printed resources and techniques for developing your skills. Email for advice or to make an appointment.